BMW E36 CalibrationMaking of

Our dyno was a joint design effort but relied heavily on seeing what others have done before us when it comes to making your own hub dyno. Our dyno is straight forward and easy to use.

The hub dyno we built is extremely compact when compared to some other ones out there, it utilizes a very robust and easy to use dyno controller from SportDevices.

In the future the dyno will be upgraded to offer 4wd capability.


Hub dyno specifications

  • Torque holding capacity - 1000Nm at the engine
  • Power holding capacity - 1500Hp at the engine
  • Brakes - Telma CFK-300 (2800Nm)
  • Fans - 4Kw radiator cooling fan, 11000 m3/hr fresh air fan, more will be added in the future as demand for air changes
  • Controller - SportDevices SP6 4WD - 8 analog inputs, 8 thermocouple inputs, tacho input and lots more.


Dyno BMW E36 CalibrationWhy we use a hub dyno

A hub dyno was chosen for its main selling point which is there can not be any discrepancies readings due to strapping methods, tire pressures, tire to roller grip, tire to roller deformation and tire blow out.

SportDevices has provided great support and comes highly recommended by GSTuning.