If you need track support for your race car in terms of data engineering or systems development then GSTuning can assist you.

I´ve been lucky enough to work at the worlds most famous racing events in the last 10 years. From Daytona 24hr, Sebring 12hr, Spa 24hr, Nurburgring 24hr to LeMans 24hr as well as working at the worlds most famous racing tracks in Europe and United States.


GSTuning can provide

  • Complete race car systems development, system structure and communications
  • Engine and gearbox calibration for naturally aspirated or forced induction engines, as well as engines with air restrictors.
  • Data engineering for race teams 

GSTuning is available on short term and long terms basis. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

See our galleries for some racing impressions: 


GT3 Series - 58 images

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  • 6tag_190415-155240
  • 6tag_200115-172745


GTE Series - 9 images

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  • WP_000242


Subaru rally car - 10 images

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  • 020023d0
  • IMG-20180710-WA0008


WRX Series - 14 images

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  • IMG-20180412-WA0005
  • IMG-20180414-WA0001