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Introduction to MaxxECU

PNPECU uses any one of the various ECUs produced by MaxxECU for its PNP kits. In many cases some outputs and inputs can be omitted so that a more price favorable ECU can be used to still get the tuning required done. Refer to each target platform solutions below for more information on a per platform basis.

In some case the user is looking to enhance the overall ability of the engine and drivetrain and so a bigger ECU might be required to accomodate the added sensors and outputs, this is for instance when you want to add drive by wire to an engine that before didn´t have drive by wire or when adding flex fuel capability.

MaxxECU has developed some flexibility that might not be clear to the first-time user and is worth mentioning specifically when MaxxECU is compared to other well-known ECUs in the aftermarket at similar price ranges. When used properly these flexibilities give the ECUs features that technically haven´t been written by MaxxECU but the user.

  • Any curve or table can have its axis source changed to just about any other real time variable in the ECU
  • Any curve or table can have an added 4th axis with multiple values, the ECU then switches between the tables/curves based on this axis.
    • This is for instance when multiple boost target tables are desired.
  • Any axis can be done via interpolation or step change
    • For instance, if two columns next to each other have 50°C (value 100%) and 60° (value 120%) on the X axis, If the current value is 55° then with interpolation the output value is 110%, but with stepped change then the output value will only change from 100% to 120% when it it goes above 55°.

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