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  1. References
  2. S14 PNP Installation information
  3. S14 Engine input information


Technical reference manual
S14 PNP Installation information
S14 Engine input information
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This page will be updated periodically with new information.

S14 PNP Installation information

Kit contents

• AFM adapter - This allows the new air temp sensor to be fitted when the AFM is removed
• Air temp sensor - via the AFM adapter the air temp sensor can be read by the ECU
• Connectors and terminal part numbers - found at TE.COM for example
  • 40pin connector 1 - 1-968322-1
  • 40pin connector 2 - 2-968322-1
  • 40pin cover - 1-968321-2
  • 16 pin connector - 1534101-1
  • 16 pin cover - 1-1534097-1
  • Connector terminals - 56x 963715-1
• USB communications cable - USB-A and USB-B ends.

Kit installation

The requirements vary based on how the ECU will be used. If 100% stock sensors and functionality is to be kept, then the ECU needs to be plugged in to the stock engine harness and tuned, it will use the AFM voltage signal as the primary load, the TPS Closed and Open conditions will provide the ECU with an idle enabled signal as well as show when the engine is at wide open throttle.

Other scenarios

• Alpha-N • Manifold Absolute Pressure with external lambda controller and variable TPS
  • The pressure port on the ECU must be connected to the fuel pressure vacuum line via a T piece
  • A suitable TPS needs fitting to the throttle bodies. BMW M50 with adapter can be used
  • External analog voltage lambda controller can be fitted using the 12V, GND and spare analogs on the auxiliary connectors of the ECU
  • External can bus based lambda controller can be fitted using the 12V, GND and CAN High and CAN Low on the 16pin connector and ECU canbus inputs configured to suit

S14 Engine input information

In stock form the S14 cannot
• Provide sequential individual ignition
• Provide sequential timed individual injection
• Provide direct throttle angle
• Provide manifold pressure

In stock form the S14 can
• Provide highly accurate crank angle information
• Provide volumetric flow rate via the AFM
• Provide air density via the air temp sensor
• Provide coolant temperature
• Provide A/C is active signal
• Provide a engine speed signal
• Provide fuel usage to the instrument cluster
• Control the EVAP solenoid
• Control the fuel pump relay
• Control idle target with the idle control valve

To be able to run the S14 with the stock loom but provide sequential functionality a sub loom has to be produced between the ECU 40pin connector and any new components such as injectors or coils. PNPECU can support users in their own making of such a loom.

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