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First steps

After receiving your MaxxECU based PNPECU kit you will have to prepare before being able to commence any tuning. All ECUs will require some level of tuning despite being a plug and play setup.

Our plug and play solutions aim to simplify the whole process a user would normally find themselves in by providing a base map that incorporates sensor and input trigger configurations as well as base engine setup. The plug and play setup allow the user to connect the ECU directly to the factory engine loom and thus saving the user having to figure out what each and every wire does or having to produce a new wiring loom for the engine.

Please follow these items.

• Software download link - MTUNE https://www.maxxecu.com/downloads
• PNP kit installation instruction - PNP kit installation instruction
• Connecting any required auxiliary cables - wideband etc
• Connecting to the ECU - https://www.maxxecu.com/files/Documentation/Manuals/MaxxECU%20Quickstart%20Guide%20(MINI-STREET-SPORT-RACE-PRO)-en.pdf
• Software documentation - https://maxxecu.com/webhelp/index.html
• TPS Calibration - https://maxxecu.com/webhelp/settings-inputs-sensors.html - See TPS section
• Injector calibration - https://maxxecu.com/webhelp/settings-fuel-fuel_inj_general.html - See Injector settings section
• Initial fire up pre-check - check sensors are showing reasonable numbers (Intake air temp, Coolant temp and Throttle position etc)
• Initital fire up things to look for - normal smooth high idle speed, rich lambda while warming up, sensible sensor readings.
PNPECU Online technical support resources

Contact PNPECU

You may use our contact page to get further help.

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